CLOUDeBERRY provide a seamless IT implementation and support services with a particular focus on Cloud Platforms like Micrsoft 365, Azure and Google Workspace. CLOUDeBERRY also provide traditional IT support services as an extension of your existing teams.

Munro Consulting work with CLOUDeBERRY providing planning and implementation support and outsourced IT Director services.

Kaiser & Preusse

Creating value from data. Kaiser & Preusse are experts in building data solutions using graph technologies like Neo4j for the Health and Research Sectors. K&P are also a registered SME with the EHDEN project which has a focus on Data Harmonisation.

Munro Consulting works with K&P providing product backlog support and the glue that connects a comprehensive scrum process to the broader organisation as well as ensuring data privacy and quality assurance standards.

Warranty World

Warranty World provides the extended warranty services that protect your technology until you decide it’s time to renew. An IT extended warranty, often known as a break-fix or maintenance contract, is an agreement between a business and a maintenance company such as Warranty World, which guarantees a response from a certified engineer when a hardware unit, such as a server, fails.

Warranty World covers devices from all the major vendors, including; HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Cisco, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Juniper and many others.